We are "Premier Exporters Co.",
one of the leading Egyptian
exporting companies in the agricultural market specialized in exporting the highest quality of agricultural crops such as:
We are a responsible company, professionalized in our work, providing high quality goods and follow up after selling.
The search for total quality is the best guarantee that we can offer our clients worldwide. Therefore, we are certified with the ISO 9001: 2008 for quality. Our packing station is also certified with the Global G.A.P (EUREPGAP),   HACCP,   IFS,  BRC certificates. These certifications have encouraged us to keep on working to offer our products at the highest level of quality in the market for all our clients worldwide.

With our best regards,
Mr. Mahmoud Badr                                                                 

Delegated Member
Eng. Khaled El Bessoumy

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T R U S T   &   Q U A L I T Y
w w w . p r e m i e r e x p o r t e r s . c o m

  Dry products:
1-    Rice
2-    White Beans
3-    Yellow Sesame Seeds
4-    Caraway Seeds
5-    Fennel Seeds
6-    Spices products

  Fresh products:
1-    Potatoes
2-    Onions & Garlic
3-    Pomegranates
4-    Semi Dry Dates
5-    Grapes
6-    Fresh Orange